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Sep 28, 2018

I sat down with Stesha to discuss the life of a singer songwriter, covers, and honesty. 


Stesha Bio:

She can tie you to a whipping post and shatter you into a thousand pieces. She’ll sing you a lullaby one moment and have you crying for mercy the next. She’s Supergirl, ready to take over the world. But please don’t put her on a pedestal – she’d rather be singing at an outdoor beer fest on a summer afternoon or in a dark, intimate bar in January. Stesha Cano is a musician for all seasons.

Easy to listen to, hard to define, singer-songwriter Stesha Cano has been making music in multiple genres since she stepped on the scene in 2005.  Whether she’s singing jazz standards or rhythm and blues or modern pop, Stesha breathes life into every syllable. She’ll take a song you’ve heard a hundred times and stretch it in new directions – maybe the beat has changed, or the inflection of a phrase, an edge that wasn’t there in the original. Her own compositions are as crisp as the stars and as deep as the ocean, memorable yet mysterious, calling you back for a second listen, and a third.

Stesha has released two CDs of original material: Like a Bee (2011), and Simple as Everything (2013) as well as a third CD of traditional American folk music: For Greyson- American Traditions (2016).  Stesha and her backup bands create a tight and playful sound, rife with improvisation.

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