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Jan 25, 2019

I sit down with Rap Rocker Aaron Avis


Aaron Avis is a rapper, producer, and musician from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

His love of hip-hop started with Run-DMC, and grew into the lyricism of Nas and the aggression of Onyx. Rock music was always a constant, from the hardcore punk of Black Flag to the gothic rock of Bauhaus.
Originally expressing the love of these genres in different projects with different pseudonyms, Aaron decided to merge the two under his real name, creating the Nebuchadnezzar EP. After feeling like he was free to experiment with eclecticism, Aaron pushed his experimental sound further in his first full-length project, ZION. Aaron wrote, rapped, played guitar, and produced on both projects.
Aaron's music is a mix of alternative rock and hip-hop. He blends elements of Nirvana, The Cure, Aesop Rock, and Atmosphere.
Aaron is currently playing shows around Minneapolis, MN. He is currently in production of his second album, CHASM. 




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