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Dec 28, 2018

I chat with Dennis and Caio from Skunk Oil


SKUNK OIL uses the edge and grip of Rock 'N’ Roll to make music that is emotionally invigorating and thought-provoking. Drawing influences from such renowned artists as Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Nirvana, and Queens of the Stone Age, Skunk Oil’s sound features an...

Dec 21, 2018

I sit down with Geoff, Scarlet, and Jeremy from The Jingle Boys


The simplest explanation is that The Jingle Boys is a musical Christmas card created by a group of friends, for their friends and family to enjoy. Based in the Los Angeles region, The Jingle Boys cannot be described as a band, but as a music...

Dec 14, 2018

I sit down with Libertarian artist, Jordan Page!


Jordan Page is a national recording and touring artist who performs a mixture of rock and folk music that has captivated audiences all over the world.  He is known for headlining at major protests and rallies in support of freedom, peace, and limited government. ...

Dec 7, 2018

There were a few mix-ups in the editing of this podcast. I Switched the songs Speak and Serotonin Syndrome.


Also, I had placed Airlines after the description of Speak. 


My apologies to the listers and Chase Drew for the amateur mistakes. 


Musician Links:




  • Warman Guitars


Nov 30, 2018

I sit down with Jonny from Small Town Titans!


The Small Town Titans are a power trio from York, PA who love to constantly create, as well as play live. Gone is the notion that a rock band should only release 10 songs at a time every 2 years. In a world where music fans crave new content constantly, the Small...