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Mar 20, 2020

I sit down with Carrot Topp from Radioactive Chicken Heads


Not your average band of poultry punks fronted by a giant mutant vegetable, the Radioactive Chicken Heads are rapidly spreading their genetically modified rock 'n' roll across the planet...Beware, if you are reading this, you may have already been...

Mar 14, 2020

I sit down with Jesse from Sloppy Joe's


Sloppy Joe's is a heavy rock band from Hamburg, Germany. Inspired by true legends such as KISS, Volbeat, Black Sabbath or AC/DC the three rockaholics unleash their own unique style of musical impact. Jesse Garon, Johnny Angel and Pätzy Dävey are providing...

Mar 7, 2020

I sit down with Nic Earley


Nic Earley is an artist that is embarking on a journey to help us feel and understand music the way he does. He has something new to offer the music world, coupled with an old flavor he has gained over his lifetime. While some may describe themselves as having an ‘old school’ sound,...